Golden Goose Kids Old School sneakers with velcro closure

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Golden Goose Kids Superstar sneakers in glitter with pink star

For People: Golden Goose Kids
Shape: Golden Goose Superstar
Model: golden 0421763

Additional information


Kids 20/Foot Length 125mm=4.92inch/US 6C, Kids 21/Foot Length 132mm=5.20inch/US 6.5C, Kids 22/Foot Length 139mm=5.47inch/US 7C, Kids 23/Foot Length 144mm=5.67inch/US 7.5C, Kids 24/Foot Length 151mm=5.94inch/US 8.5C, Kids 25/Foot Length 156mm=6.14inch/US 9C, Kids 26/Foot Length 163mm=6.42inch/US 9.5C, Kids 27/Foot Length 170mm=6.69inch/US 10.5C, Kids 28/Foot Length 180mm=7.09inch/US 11.5C, Kids 29/Foot Length 185mm=7.28inch/US 12C, Kids 30/Foot Length 190mm=7.48inch/US 12.5C, Kids 31/Foot Length 199mm=7.83inch/US 13C, Kids 32/Foot Length 205mm=8.07icnh/US 1Y, Kids 33/Foot Length 214mm=8.42inch/US 1.5Y, Kids 34/Foot Length 219mm=8.62inch/US 2Y, Kids 35/Foot Length 225mm=8.86inch/US 3Y


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